So far we have gotten proposals for having talks or workshops on the following topics:

– History: activism and old highway projects (e.g. Smith&Polvinen in Helsinki)
– Strategies for tactical urbanism: What works and what doesn’t? Why?
– Architecture activism: Swedish (and other) concepts for combining densification and pleasant urban space
– Effectiveness of YIMBY activism: cases around the world (e.g. Koskela in Helsinki)
– Changing norms to support better quality urban space: what norms are problem, how have you worked to change them, and what have we succeeded in?
– Helsinki highways to boulevards concept
– Collaboration with city, politicians, activists, and other actors
– Pedestrian streets and public transport streets would be an interesting topic. How to make more of them, are they needed around the year in northern countries, how to make them more lively, examples about successful and unsuccessful streets etc… (Vesa Nurminen)
– How cities in different countries can learn more from each other. Sometimes language barriers and different regulation can be an hindrance. (Sofia Buhrgard, Vesa Nurminen)
– Local city activism and movements (Kallio-liike, Myyrmäki-liike)